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Our Services

Mobile Applications

We design and develop native apps for all main platforms as well as html based cross-platform apps

Responsive Websites

Don't you have website yet? We create attractive web interfaces utilizing trusted tools and technologies. We pay attention to delivering products that are search engine optimized

Web Services

We use Node.js, PHP or Python to create dedicated RESTful backend services. Created system can work with yours web or mobile apps, database and Amazon cloud services

Embedded Software

Need a soul for your Arduino or Raspberry Pi board?Contact Us

Aerial Filming

Professional drones and cameras are used to make perfect shots from extraordinary perspective

Virtual Tours

If aerial view is not enough for you, we can prepare solution that shows your client around using 360° virtual tours

Social Media

We can enable users to connect your app with services they love

iWatch + Apple TV

There is over 2 000 000 reasons to make your iWatch app
...and ten times more to make Apple TV one

The difference between ordinary and extraordinaryis made by CodeUnit

How we work

We help build products from idea to launch.


Your idea will be transformed into final product by us


Both scope of the project and resources needed to complete it will be precisely defined

User Interface & User Experience Design

We will design look and feel for your product


Only high quality implementations of best programming practices are accepted

Quality Assurance

No product is released until it is tested


We will prepare for your next successful project while you are enjoying current one

Who we are

We are team of tech enthusiasts.

Do you have any questions?

Ask away
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